10 Ways To Spot An Imposter MEGAPRO Screwdriver

10 Ways To Spot An Imposter MEGAPRO Screwdriver

You may think us fools for posting such serious and critical information on April 1st, but nothing could be further from the truth. The world needs to hear this so no one else will have to suffer the shame and disappointment of owning an “Imposter” MEGAPRO Multi-Bit Screwdriver.

In a world full of Deepfakes, AI generated content and the Kardashians, it can sometimes be hard to know for sure what’s real. That’s why we’ve developed 10 expert tips to help determine if your multi-bit screwdriver is in fact, a genuine MEGAPRO.

1) If your multi-bit screwdriver was made before 1994, it is NOT a MEGAPRO (And quite frankly, to quote Indiana Jones, “It belongs in a museum!”)

2) If your multi-bit screwdriver features the patent #1,234,567, it is NOT a MEGAPRO (But may still be useful to teach your toddler how to count with) 

3) If your multi-bit screwdriver says “Mergapro” on the side of it, we're sorry but it is NOT a MEGAPRO (That reminds me though, I’m still waiting for those GIKE sneakers I ordered last month…)

4) If your multi-bit screwdriver has a cap that screws off, gets stuck, falls out and lands painfully on your baby toe along with a cascade of driver bits, it is NOT a MEGAPRO. 

5) If your multi-bit screwdriver has a handle that’s more fragile than a pre-baked Shrinky Dink® (you’re safe to Google that btw) it is NOT a MEGAPRO.

6) If your multi-bit screwdriver cartridge is harder to open than a pickle jar lid (that someone else eventually opens, but you DEFINITELY loosened it for them) it is NOT a MEGAPRO.

7) If your multi-bit screwdriver has an EZ Guide V-Neck instead of an EZ Guide Collar, it is NOT a MEGAPRO (had to let at least one dad joke make the cut)

8) If your multi-bit screwdriver is not worth travelling 100’s of miles to pick up after leaving it at a jobsite (even considering the price of gas these days!) it is NOT a MEGAPRO

9) If your multi-bit screwdriver is the same color you painted the guest room, it is NOT a MEGAPRO (we’ve tried shades of brown before….ugh never again!)

10) And finally, if your multi-bit screwdriver does not help you get the job done, it is NOT a MEGAPRO.

If none of the above applies to your multi-bit screwdriver, it looks like you have the genuine article! Well done and might I say, I admire your taste in quality hand tools! We’ll keep making them in hopes that one day, all imposter drivers will be banished from toolboxes around the world!

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