Having Heart: Meeting the Midwest Backbone of Megapro

Having Heart: Meeting the Midwest Backbone of Megapro

Belief in what you do is everything. It gets us out of bed every morning, pushes us out the door and sets us on our path in life. Belief binds us, it unites us in a shared goal and recently, belief showed me that I have more in common with a group of people 2,200 miles away than I ever imagined. 

A large group of us from the Megapro head office recently visited our US warehouse in Niles, Michigan. It was a chance to see our US base of operations, where the multi-bit screwdrivers you depend on every day are made. I knew what the trip would look like: long hours, meetings and overpriced airport food (seriously, $8.50 for a croissant?! Those things are at least 30% air!)  

But I was curious to meet the crew in Niles and see what their jobs were like. I was finally going to see exactly how they put everything together to make screwdrivers worthy of the Megapro Advantage I get to talk about every day.  


When we finally got there after a long day of travel, the Niles crew didn’t disappoint. They were incredibly warm and welcoming. They brought us into their day-to-day work life with enthusiasm and passion. They even showed us the original retractable cartridge assembly secrets I’ve been sworn never to reveal. Megapro is running like a well-oiled machine and as of last week, I’ve seen the motor that makes it run.  
You can tell that the work they put in with our founder, Hermann Fruhm, helped set up a foundation for success. Many of the Niles crew have been with the company a long time and have formed a strong bond with Herm. This made his surprise visit to see them this trip special for everyone involved. Drop by our Instagram, give us a follow and check out the video if you’re into heartwarming content. 

There was a real sense of pride in the work they did and that couldn’t help but make me feel incredibly thankful that these were the people putting our screwdrivers together. The craftsmanship and attention to quality and care our team in Niles puts into each screwdriver they build is why we can proudly proclaim that we make some of the best screwdrivers money can buy. This experience solidified that belief in my mind, a belief shared by everyone who works at Megapro.  
Getting to meet the real people behind the Megapro screwdriver was an eye-opening experience. It helped me realize that our common goal bonded us all together. The differences between us don’t matter. The distance between us doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is the product we make and sell every day, and we’re fiercely proud of it. 

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