Not so new to the neighbourhood | Angela Ohms

Not so new to the neighbourhood | Angela Ohms

Get to know our new Sales Manager, Angela Ohms and all that she loves about Megapro Tools!

When the winter season finally melts away, it’s time to open up to the growth of new and fresh things, and that is exactly what happened here at Megapro Tools. It was bittersweet watching our Sales Manager move to an opportunity that aligned more with his long-term goals – while we are proud of his personal growth, it left a gaping hole in our team. That’s when Angela stepped up to take the lead, and boy are we grateful. Let’s get to know Angela, our new Megapro Tools Sales Manager, a little deeper.


Q: How long have you been at Megapro Tools, and why did you decide to throw your hat into the Sales Manager ring?

A: I joined Megapro in August 2019.  In those three years, I have seen Megapro grow and change with the changes we saw in the world.  We really pulled together and helped one another.  As an Account Manager, I have also spent that time talking with our customers and finding out how we can help them in their success.  I love that I can now have a real impact on growth for all of us.


Q: What is something you didn’t know about the Tool Industry when you first started, that is second nature to you now?

A: How many tools there are out there!  Each industry while they may all need a similar product, like a screwdriver, the needs of each industry are very different.  Having the right tool to the job makes all the difference, not just in the finished product, but in the process itself.  Tell me what you do, and I will find you the perfect driver.


Q: What is something you’ve found Megapro Tools has, that the competition doesn’t?

A: We specialize in one thing, making the best multibit screwdriver.  The design of the rotating retractable cartridge, the palm saving cap and the rotating collar are by far the best features of the drivers, but the real magic happens when you use it.  There really is no other that compares.  When I first started here, I brought home my first Megapro, and now, everyone in my family has many.  While it is the perfect driver for the professional, it is also the most handy tool to have in the tool drawer at home.


Q: What is it about Megapro Tools that has kept you committed over the years?

A: The people here. We do the bulk of our manufacturing here in BC and our plant in Michigan.  Every person here is committed not only to our customers but to each other.  We have built a great little Megapro Community and that heart and soul goes into every product that leaves our site.  It makes me proud be a chosen part of this group.


Q: What is your favourite Megapro Moment (a good megapro team memory)?

A: It would be hard to pick just one.  My favourite moments are when we have our potluck lunches.  Everyone brings something amazing to share, and it feels like a big family dinner.  Lots of laughs telling stories, and we all feel like we need a nap after because we are so full.  


Q: What is the number one goal you hope to achieve in your new position?

A: My number one goal is to give our customers the best possible experience.  I believe that I can do that with the support of this team.  Every person here wants to make sure our customers enjoy the screw.  When you know, you know.


We are so grateful to have Angela head up our sales team. If you'd like to reach out discuss opportunities further, reach out via our wholesale portal.

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