An idea that changed the game

An idea that changed the game

The Original. It’s a title that can only be claimed by one. Often imitated, but never duplicated. Everyone respects an original because it represents the first of its kind. In our case, Hermann Fruhm filed the original patent for the first ever retractable bit cartridge, and thus the MEGAPRO was born.

Websters dictionary defines “Originality” as

Almost had you there! As if we’d start a post about being an original with one of the least original lines ever. Sure, we could go with what’s been done before but that wouldn’t defy convention at all, and that’s what MEGAPRO multi-bit screwdrivers did when the idea for the original retractable bit cartridge was born.

Now most people know multi-bit screwdrivers have been a thing for a long time. But those screwdrivers had loose bits haphazardly stored in the handle, often with a time-consuming screw cap keeping them inside (you know which ones we’re talking about). And so, realizing that there had to be a better way, MEGAPRO designed the original retractable bit cartridge.

There’s no substitute for Experience

Being the original carries the weight of reputation and experience. It means that MEGAPRO has been doing it the longest and has learned the most about what makes a great retractable cartridge. It’s the reason opening and closing a MEGAPRO multi-bit screwdriver is an experience, not just an action.

So why does being The Original matter to you?

Because we want to make your life easier. Your product enjoyment matters and getting the job done matters. Now allow us to walk you through the full retractable cartridge experience, from slide to snap.

The Ultimate Convenience

Say you have a fastener to screw in, congratulations! Pick up your MEGAPRO multi-bit screwdriver and enjoy the smooth, opening motion as you pull the cap back to discover an assortment of the 14 most common household bits. Each one double-sided and securely placed in a cartridge that rotates for easy access.

Organization lovers rejoice! You find and pick your bit in record time. That’s exciting but don’t get too excited yet, because now it’s time to close the cartridge (drumroll please…)

The Signature MEGAPRO Snap Close

Push the cap in and watch the cartridge perfectly snap back into the handle. Closing the cartridge gives you that nothing but net, perfect fairway shot feeling when something goes exactly where it’s supposed to go. It's an audio-visual experience that's so smooth it puts all other smoothness claims to shame, as 50-year-old scotch suddenly goes down like rubbing alcohol in comparison.

And that, as they say is that! You’ve saved time, saved money, and saved your knees as you avoid crawling around the floor picking up fallen bits. All the while enjoying the satisfaction of the retractable bit cartridge experience.

An experience that MEGAPRO has perfected over the years because you guessed it…We’re the Original.

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